FAO West Lothian Council Members

You will shortly receive two ballots from UNISON and we felt it was important to make sure that everyone understands that they refer to two totally separate issues.

The first ballot will arrive this week in the post. This ballot has been issued by us, UNISON West Lothian Branch, and is in relation to the Council’s proposals to build the Scottish Living Wage into the pay model. UNISON recommends Acceptance of this proposal and asks that you take the time to return the ballot paper in the prepaid envelope provided.

The second ballot will arrive from the 12th April via email and is from UNISON Scotland in relation to the 2021/22 pay offer from COSLA. This is your yearly pay rise! This ballot has two questions, one on your view of the pay offer and one on what action you would be prepared to take to achieve a better pay rise. UNISON feels that the offer is totally unacceptable and is therefore recommending that you Reject the pay offer in the first question, and vote Yes for further action up to and including strike action in the second question.

Hopefully this clarifies why you will be receiving two ballots in a short period of time; please take the time to respond as both issues are very important.